Paul King-Robinson

Executive Shrink

25+ Years Of Helping People

“Starting in the early 1990s I spent 15 years as a psychologist, family therapist, trainer, and consultant in
the fields of addiction, adult & child community mental health, stopping-violence,and psycho-education
programming, across multiple health settings in New Zealand and the US.

In 1997 I cofounded The Family Therapy Team at the Waitemata District Health Board (Auckland),
charged with the mission of training students, helping families, and educating local health service teams
in systemic assessments and perspectives of intervention.

Having left the health field in 2006, and after time spent in non-profit leadership roles, I founded a
relationship and individual coaching practice that then increasingly focused on helping entrepreneurs and
business leaders gain greater enjoyment and satisfaction from their work lives, retire gracefully, or go after
their next career opportunity.

I have benefited greatly from all of my experience, but this latter phase has been the most rewarding
work of my career.” – Paul King-Robinson